Foster Party of 8

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RIP Lane Toney. Greatest Sax Player! 

Click on the picture for his Obituary

Tom McManamon RIP Brother! See You Again Some Day!

The Band 

Michele Yontz,Vocals
Barney Burns, Vocals 
Scott Vann, Vocals
Olivia Simonds, Vocals
Jeff Dillehay, Lead Guitar/Vocals
Austin Dillehay, Guitar/Vocals
Morris Dillehay, Bass
Danny Fleming, Drums
Cole Dillehay, Percussion/Guitar/Vocals
Joe Foster, Keyboards
Ken Cathey, Trumpet
Josef Eastep, Trumpet

David Alderson, Trumpet
Walker Andrews, French Horn

Ally Johnston, French Horn
Blair Boothe, Trombone - Tuba

Zach Gooch, Trombone

Andrew Hazard, Trombone
Halle Simmons, Baritone
Darrell Boston, Baritone
Scott Burt, Alto Sax

Walter Jewell, Tenor Sax

Connie Cathey, Clarinet

Jill LaBrake, Clarinet
Laurie Anderson, Flute

Emily Coble, Flute
Julie Hatfield, Violin
Lena Batsuk, Violin
Johnathan Lloyd, Viola
Alice Lloyd, Cello

Stage Production Crew

Chip Davis

Robert Rummage 

Jack Baxter

Ryan Baker

Wayne Romesburg

Robert Thompson

Zach Davis

A J Jones

Stephanie Davis

John Sajovic

Sound Crew

AMPED Sound and Lighting

Eric McCandless

Official Announcer

Dan Jaynes

Lighting and Special Effects

In Memory...Benton Sloan Foster​  "Room For One More"

Sarah Baker - Lead Lighting

Stephanie Davis - Lead Video

Curtis Hatfield - Effects

Houston Paul - Effects

Tyler Staggs - Effects

Nick Stiles - Lead Video Projection

​Jonathan Kendall - Effects


Sarah (Foster) Baker

Tammy McPeak


Shell Mulloy